Hamilton Hebrew High Midrasha

What is Hamilton Hebrew High and what’s in it for me?

Hamilton Hebrew High is an after school for-credit Jewish Studies program for public high school students in grades 9-12. (Grade 8 students can take advantage of a grade 9 course through the Reach Ahead Program.) Hamilton  Hebrew High offers you a great way to learn and earn credit with for-credit courses, amazing topics, exciting events, retreats, and yes, food.


Can I be part of Hebrew High if I never attended a Jewish school?

Yes! Hamilton Hebrew High is open to all Jewish public high school teens regardless of religious affiliation, background, or previous Jewish education. Hamilton Hebrew High has a warm and accepting environment and we approach everything with an open and honest mind and let you draw your own conclusions.


Do you offer anything besides classes?

Yes! Join us for weekend retreats, exciting teen events, Friday night Shabbat dinners, movie nights,  and more!


What do I need to do?

In order to receive an Ontario Secondary School credit you will need to complete 110 hours. 80 of these hours are completed in class through two hour sessions, and 30 hours are completed by required attendance at various scheduled programs and events.


Great! When Do we start?

You can pre-register for Hamilton Hebrew High by completing the registration form and returning it as soon as possible.



Hamilton Hebrew High / Midrasha is a joint project of the

 Hamilton Hebrew Academy and the UJA Federation of Hamilton